5 Citizen Science Projects in Hawai’i

Interested in contributing to the study of Hawai’i as a citizen scientist?

We recommend these Citizen Science Projects in Hawai’i:

The OPIHI Project – Intertidal Data Collection
OPIHI (Our Project in Hawaii’s Intertidal) is a school-based monitoring program of Hawaii’s rocky intertidal where students improve their scientific skills while providing assistance gathering data in an area that has not been well studied in Hawaii.

The Hawai’i and Pacific Islands King Tides Project
Citizens can document high tide impacts on coastal areas using an App.

The Pueo Project

Hawaii Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count

Citizen Science Hawai’i Project on iNaturalist
Register an Account at iNaturalist.org, Download the free App, and JOIN the Citizen Science Hawai’i Project.  Observe living things in Hawai’i!

New Online Citizen Science Course for Teachers of Hawaiʻi


Island Watershed Citizen Science is a FREE Online Course for Teachers of Hawaiʻi.  Space is still available.  It is a Citizen Science Hawaiʻi Event offered by Learning Endeavors.


 Download the Full Flyer

Apply Online by 8/13/17 Today

Teacher Participants will:

LEARN to engage students in field-based data collection and analysis that contributes to a larger authentic scientific study: CITIZEN SCIENCE!

RECEIVE an iPad, a Citizen Science Classroom Kit, NGSS Aligned Online Resources, and Ongoing Support

EARN a $450 Teacher Stipend for Full Participation: Online Course, Classroom Implementation, Field Trip, & Attendance at Culminating Virtual Event

FACILITATE at least one field trip for students to engage them in meaningful outdoor watershed citizen science & stewardship.

MEET community experts and scientists currently researching and preserving our island watersheds.

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This event will be facilitated by
Diana Papini Warren, Executive Director of Learning Endeavors.

For more information, Contact Us TODAY!

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This Event is Provided with Funding from a NOAA BWET Grant.


Engaging Students in Field-based Citizen Science on Maui

img_1643The Maui Watershed Citizen Science Program is pleased to offer another year of the program, starting with a Teacher Workshop in January!  

Maui Watershed Citizen Science

A 4-Day Teacher Workshop
January 20,21 & 27,28, 2017
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

 Application Deadline is Passed.

Teachers will:

  • LEARN to engage students in field-based data collection and analysis that contributestoimg_1646  a larger authentic scientific study: CITIZEN SCIENCE!
  • RECEIVE a Citizen Science Classroom Kit, Standards-based Lessons, Online Resources, and Ongoing Support
  • LEARN to use GIS and to Create Watershed StoryMaps with Students
  • EARN a Teacher Stipend for Full Participation, Implementation, and Attendance at a Culminating Event
  • GAIN ACCESS to a Mobile Citizen Science Technology Lab
  • FACILITATE citizen science field trips for students to the native forest and/or coastal dunes and wetlands sites. (Bus transportation funding available.)

Limited Space Available.waikamoi_teachers2016

Overview of the Teacher Workshop Tentative Schedule:

  • Day 1:  Waikamoi Preserve
  • Day 2: Waiheʻe Ridge Trail and the Waiheʻe Coastal Dunes and Wetlands Refuge
  • Day 3: Kānaha Ponds and Keālia Ponds Wetlands
  • Day 4: Classroom Day – NOAA Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary in Kihei – Hala ‘Āmui A & B (Conference Rooms)hstilt

Outline of the Maui Watershed Citizen Science Program Timeline for 2017

  • January:  Citizen Science Teacher Workshop
  • February – April: Student Citizen Science Field Trips
  • May: Culminating Event #1 – Watershed StoryMap Showcase
  • June: Culminating Program Event #2 – Citizen Science DSCN0084in Action Community Eventmauiwatershedmap

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