Plankton & Water Quality

Discover the interconnectedness between the air we breathe, the food web, water quality, and plankton – the microbiological life forms that sustain us all!


Plankton are a critical part of the food Web, and 50% of the oxygen we breathe comes from these microbial creatures in salt and fresh water!  planktonimage

What is Plankton?


NOAA Plankton Data & Visualization

NOAA Plankton Data

Citizen Science Opportunities:

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Plankton of Hawaii – A University of Hawaii CMORE Study:  Via and the ProjectNoah App, add images and locations of Plankton to this growing database online.  JOIN the Plankton of Hawaii Mission!

  1. Collect Plankton with a Tow Net
  2. Analyze samples under a digital microscope and ID species.
  3. Submit images and data collection locations via!

Plankton Portal –

Understanding where and when plankton occur at different depths in the ocean allows scientists to get a global understanding of the function and health of the ocean from small to global scales.  Help identify plankton via images online after engaging in a brief tutorial!  This is a 100% computer based citizen science activity.

Explore these Plankton YouTube Videos on this

Learning Endeavors Plankton Playlist!


Water Quality Monitoring

We need more citizen scientists to help monitor our water resources by collecting data on fresh and salt water and submitting it to

  • Learn more about Temperature, pH, Turbidity, and Dissolved Oxygen as INDICATORS.
  • Submit your collected data online!  INSTRUCTIONS

Making Sense of pH – Acid/Base Scale – See handout provided at workshop.

Ocean Acidification

What is Ocean Acidification?

Analyze CO2 Levels in atmosphere along with pH levels in sea water – See handout provided at workshop

Explore these Ocean Acidification YouTube Videos on this

Learning Endeavors Ocean Acidification Playlist!