New Online Citizen Science Course for Teachers of Hawaiʻi


Island Watershed Citizen Science is a FREE Online Course for Teachers of Hawaiʻi.  Space is still available.  It is a Citizen Science Hawaiʻi Event offered by Learning Endeavors.


 Download the Full Flyer

Apply Online by 8/13/17 Today

Teacher Participants will:

LEARN to engage students in field-based data collection and analysis that contributes to a larger authentic scientific study: CITIZEN SCIENCE!

RECEIVE an iPad, a Citizen Science Classroom Kit, NGSS Aligned Online Resources, and Ongoing Support

EARN a $450 Teacher Stipend for Full Participation: Online Course, Classroom Implementation, Field Trip, & Attendance at Culminating Virtual Event

FACILITATE at least one field trip for students to engage them in meaningful outdoor watershed citizen science & stewardship.

MEET community experts and scientists currently researching and preserving our island watersheds.

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 7.05.16 AM

This event will be facilitated by
Diana Papini Warren, Executive Director of Learning Endeavors.

For more information, Contact Us TODAY!

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This Event is Provided with Funding from a NOAA BWET Grant.


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